Wednesday, October 21, 2009

True life story #43

A new lady and her teenage children started coming to my water aerobics classes about 3 weeks ago. She looked a little familiar to me, but a lot of people do in my class. We introduced ourselves, her name is Mary. Mary, I thought to myself, looks like someone who worked for the same agency I do some time ago. Years really. But I didn't say anything, she didn't seem to know me. So, we see each other in class a few times a week. Last night she said to me, you look so much like someone from my work. Hum… where do you work I asked? HA! Yep, we both still work for CalPERS! Different divisions, and she doesn't do the delivery run that she did all those years ago. We have not seen each other in years, and NEVER wet in our swim suits! We had a good laugh that neither of us figured it out sooner!! Funny stuff happens as you get old(er)! :)

Five more, three more, two more... you can do it!!!


AutumnLeaves said...

I have another friend who does water aerobics and she loves it. The thought of stuffing myself into a bathing suit though...shudder...

JEN ZONE said...

Funny story, TJ

Great motivational pict! Beautiful! Love the impressionistic colors of it.