Thursday, October 15, 2009

True life story # 443

No YMCA last night. There are no water classes on Wednesdays. Joe wasn't home, Wednesdays he teaches then straight to a gig. Lindsey is in rehearsal for Bat Boy the Musical, so she wasn't home. I took a 2 hour nap with my GrandDogger! I went to bed too late on Monday and Tuesday, so I was tired last night. I fell asleep watching TV with Pixi sleeping on my lap. We both woke up around 9 and I decided to paint. I am almost done with the 2nd laundry painting so I'll have something to share soon! Ah, lazy night.
This is Pixi, my GrandDogger (Lindsey's dog!) Be well. Tj.


AutumnLeaves said...

Is Pixi a puppy? She looks so young! Your laundry series? Does this harden back to Lisbon? I look forward to seeing your next work, TJ!

Nancy Goldman said...

What a cutie-pup. Is she a sheperd? I love your description of GrandDogger. That's really cleaver!

Tj Lev said...

Hi ladies! Yes Pixi is a puppy, but she is a little older now, around 10 months, that photo was a few months ago. She is a cutie! Pixi is a chihuahua mix, from a rescue adoption agency. She is only about 7 pounds right now. And yes the laundry series began in Lisbon. We'll see where I take it! Have a wonderful day! Tj.