Monday, October 12, 2009

True life stories

I thought I would begin to do some short stories about life. Just to have a simple addition to my blog and a glimpse into my reality! Randomly numbered for kicks and giggles... I hope you enjoy!!

True life story #344

My daughter Lindsey lives in our basement apartment. She had been complaining that she was running out of hot water during her showers. Bla… ok the hot water heater downstairs is about 10 years old. Expect the worse. It probably needs replacing. So start with the basics, drain some water from it and see what it looks like. So, my hubby and I go downstairs yesterday, hook up the hose and get out the bucket. We thought ok, lets drain just a bucket full before we decide to turn off the gas and drain the whole tank. Much to our surprise the water was clear! No sediment came through at all, thank you Sac water! So, hum… what then? Ok, Joe notices the temp was turned way down almost to just the low warm setting. So we crank it up and voila!!! Hot water again. Whew… that was easy! Just love it when that happens!!!!
Here is some photoshop fun. Tye Dye happy face! Be well... Tj.


AutumnLeaves said...

Ah, 't'would that all homeowner problems were fixed so readily and cheaply!! Love the bright sunny smiley!

Jamie said...

hahahahaaa!! LOVE IT! One of the aminals prob knocked it down =)

LinzMeaux said...

NO JOKING! I bet Pixi was chasing Pancakes around the apartment and one of them knocked into it.