Saturday, September 12, 2009

Am I crazy??

Well I asked myself that yesterday. It was another furlough Friday, so I was off all day. I knew I wanted to do 2 things, go to water aerobics and paint! Well my daughter had rehearsal last night and would not have been able to go to the 6pm class with me, and she really wanted to go, so we went at 1:00. Good class, the day teacher is good, but I really love the Friday/Monday evening teacher. His name is Marcus and he REALLY makes us work hard! It is all deep water in his class, and I always feel great after. So, I went to the 1:00 class with Lindsey, then went back for Marcus' class at 6:00. I was thinking I was crazy... but it felt great and I'm not any more sore today than I would have been anyway! This is week 5 of my new water aerobic life, and I'm feeling really good. Stronger, well lots stronger, taller... yep I feel taller, but I know it's just because I'm standing up straighter!! Woo hoo.... heck I'm just feeling better all over! The old me, just fat, old and tired. The new me, well still fat... but it's ok with me. Old? Well I turn 53 on Monday so, you be the judge, but I'm NOT tired!!! My husband was playing last night with the Steve Foster band, and Lindsey had rehearsal for the musical "Bat Boy", so it was just me and the dogs. I relaxed for just a bit, then got my paints out. Still working on the Virtual Paint out piece of Lisbon Portugal. It's coming right along!

Joe and I are going to Inverness CA as soon as he gets done teaching today, we rented a little cottage on Tomalas Bay. I am so looking forward to it!! Hurry up honey so we can leave!! Ok, patience, deep breath, we will get there soon.

That is it for today... except here is a painting I did for my daughter Lindsey. Staring into the sunset, yep I'll be doing that tonight, well minus the dolphins I'm sure!

Be well, go create and remember to breathe!!! Tj.


AutumnLeaves said...

My goodness but you've captured that sunlight perfectly! I'm still seeing it on the comments page! LOL Your weekend sounds heavenly! I have another friend in Iowa who also does water aerobics. If I wasn't so ashamed of stuffing my self into a bathing suit, it sounds like something I would so enjoy and would be easy on my joints. One of these days... Can't wait to see your Portugal piece!

Tj Lev said...

Thanks, and just fyi... I thought the same thing about getting myself into a suit, but the class if full of women who look just a beautiful (ha ha ha) in their swimsuits as I do! I am not embarrassed at all! You should just go! Really!!