Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A few pics from our weekend...

Wow, what a weekend. So peaceful and relaxing. The cottage we rented was so perfect! The owner Louise is also an artist. The cottage really reflected that. It sits on 6 acres of bay front land. She has a wonderful garden, with lots of veges and fruits growing. Her greenhouse has an aviary attached with 4 beautiful doves that live there. Past the garden is an orchard with trees of many kinds… there were apples that looked nearly ripe. The orchard and garden are totally fenced, if it wasn't the deer would quickly find their way in and help themselves.

The garden was full of whimsical statues and stuff and pots overflowing with succulents and flowers of many kinds.

The other side of the house was open to the bay, there was a large grassy area that led to a board walk to the bay side bench. Joe, Bosco and I spent several hours sitting and watching the tide roll in and out and the birds eat. Day one we arrived around 4 pm. It was slightly overcast and gray but the cool air was wonderful! We watched the sunset and listened to the quiet. The egrets arrived at dusk as the water flowed in. There were other birds that came at low tide walking around in the mud finding lunch.
Here is the view back to the cottage.

Day two was our full day there. We had a lazy morning, I took a long bath in her big jetted tub, we spent time on the bay side bench and watch a storm move closer. We decided to take a drive in the misty fog to get some lunch. We went to the little town of Bolinas. It's located about 30 minutes south of the cottage, along the coast, accessible only via sometimes unmarked roads. Why are they unmarked? Well, road signs pointing the way into town have been known to be repeatedly torn down by the quirky local residents. But we found it! HA! A little seaside town full of poets, artists, musicians. We fit right in! We ate in this lovely little café, I had great clam chowder and garlic bread! Yum! We made it back up the coast and decided to drive to the Point Reyes Lighthouse. Unfortunately, it was so wet and foggy we couldn't see a thing from the car, and we weren't dressed to hike to the lighthouse! But it was a fun adventure... full of cows! There are many ranches along the lighthouse road. Some areas where the cows are open to the road, and in the fog that was really interesting! We came up on a few, and fortunately I was driving really slow, it was foggy. Driving along I was like, honey what is that? Oh hey there are cows in the road! That was worth the price of admission!!
I just love cows… ok, not to decorate my kitchen or home… but as a creature. They just make me giggle for some reason! I got these few shots of them as we passed on by.
On the way back through Inverness to the cottage we stopped and picked up a little pizza for dinner. Poor Bosco was a nervous wreck when we got back to the car after lunch, we didn't want to leave him again for dinner. So Bosco and I stayed in the car and Joe went in to order. Back to the cottage, watched the rain and ate pizza! It was a glorious day with my honey and my pup!
Day three, my birthday and we didn't want to leave!
The clouds broke and the sun came out. But Joe had to teach at 4 so we packed up and came home. A wonderful but all too short trip. I think we will go back again!
My birthday evening was spent with my children, Nick and Lindsey. My brother Tim and nephew, Thaddeus and my sort of adopted daughter Jamie... ok she is my friend Patti's daughter... just part of the family. We had dinner, then cake and ice cream! It was a perfect birthday!
That is it for now. Be well, Tj.


AutumnLeaves said...

That DOES sound like a perfect birthday, TJ! And the weekend sounds wonderful too, much like a weekend I spent at Cannon Beach. Nothing like being along the coast, is there? Love the name "Thaddeus!"

Jamie said...

Love the pics! And I am glad I got to celebrate your bday with my CA mommy =) love u lots!!