Friday, September 25, 2009

Blog award!

Thanks to Kathleen Harrington for picking me as a recipient of this Kreativ Blogger award. I so appreciate it! Do check out her blog, she is quite the artist herself and I am honored she included me!
I am to pass this award along to seven other artists for their impressive art blogs. And, post 7 things about me that you may interested to read, so here some interesting facts he he he:

1. My art is my hobby. For now until I can retire from my State job… 2 years and counting! Check the counter on my left nav!!

2. I am an adoptee, and a few years ago was reunited with my birth family! Including my brother I grew up with, I have 9 brothers and sisters!

3. I have 2 great kids… ok they aren't kids any longer but still great! And a wonderful step daughter and son in law (who is a Rabi.) and 2 very cute step grandchildren!

4. I am married to a great guy, who gets to do what he loves for a living! He is a professional musician, always has been… yes I am often jealous.

5. I started painting just 3 years ago, just before I turned 50.

6. I play the ukulele! And I may be playing in a concert for the holidays!

7. I am a trekkie… well I've never been to a convention but yes, I love Star Trek! I do really! I even made Star Trek uniforms for my husband and I and all 3 of our kids for Halloween one year.

And here are my 7 blogs who are deserving of this award, please go check out their blogs:

Folk art by Campbell Jane. My friend Janet, she is a wonderful artist and a really nice person! I am happy she is my friend.

The Cart Before the Horse. Jo James and her husband make the most adorable and wonderful folk art dolls and things. The also live on the Oregon Coast where I would love to retire to!

Different Strokes from different folks. Karin Jurick who is an amazing artist herself, maintains a painting challenge blog that hundreds of artists participate in. If you have not checked it out you should!

Art Propelled. Robyn Gordon who lives in South Africa makes wonderful carvings of wooden totems and panels. Very detailed and creative!

Notes from the Voodoo Cafe. Ricë Freeman-Zachery is hysterical! Her blog is very active, often multiple updates every day about art, writing and the creative life! She has a new book out called Creative Time and Space: Making Room for Making Art and it is available now on

Laurelin Gilmore is an amazing artist, writer and beautiful human being. I am so lucky to count her as a friend. Her blog and website is often full of wonderful art and kind and interesting stories.

Art Full Musings. Caterina Martinico's blog always reflects great artistry. Caterina is a wonderful Encaustic artist and her mandalas are awesome! I hope to travel and take a workshop from her one day soon!

So that is my seven plus seven... I hope you take the time to explore and enjoy the artists I have chosen they are quite inspiring!

Be well, be kind, and mostly be creative! Tj.


ArtPropelled said...

TJ, I'm honored to be one of your lucky 7. Thanks so much! I enjoyed reading your interesting facts and now I'm off to check out the other 6.

AutumnLeaves said...

I loved reading your seven things, TJ. People are always interesting to me! Can't wait to see your next painting too.

Laurelin said...

Thank you so much TJ! You are one of my favorite people, and I enjoyed reading your seven things. I'll see what I can do to keep it interesting on my end. Hey, am I allowed to nominate you right back?

Ukulele Man said...

Keep up the ukulele -- it's a fantastic instrument, as you're undoubtedly finding out :)