Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The virtual paintout challenge

Ok, well I think I've finished this one... I'm calling it done! The Virtual Paintout, a city is chosen for the monthly challenge, this month was Lisbon Portugal. Each artist must use a view of the city found using Google Street View as the reference for the painting or drawing. I virtually walked around Lisbon and found this little street where it seemed every window had laundry hanging, so I call this "Lisbon Laundry" it is acrylic on 24 x 18 gallery wrap canvas.

Here is my painting:

And here is the photo of the street from google maps:

I changed the angle a little, and made the walls much brighter! You know me and color. I've always thought to do a whole series of laundry hanging in the wind. I have been asked to participate in a group art show in November called Urban Landscapes at Vox Studios in Sacramento. I believe I am going to run with this theme and do laundry hanging in urban settings. My dear friends Carolee and David are in Italy right now and have already captured a couple of images for me to use. I am very excited and appreciate it! Thank you both and I hope you are having a great time!!!

That's it for tonight, off to bed... be well everyone! Tj.


AutumnLeaves said...

TJ! I love the orange building! And I also love the idea for your "series!" I hope you do a city piece with the laundry know, kind of like the back of an old house with three floors (each an apt.) and the criss-crossing lines of laundry and stairs from the tenants...hmmm...(I wish I had the skill!)...

Nicole said...

What a lovely, bright piece! I have noticed lots of laundry in virtual Lisbon, too, lol. I like how you punched up the colour of the building.

Laundry in urban settings sounds like a great theme -- I hope we see your work on the blog!

JEN ZONE said...

This painting is one of my favorites of yours. I heart laundry hanging out on peoples porches. It reminds me of Europe, and Mexico.

Great job!


DEB said...

Great job! How did you capture that photo? Everytime I try to copy an image from google maps, I just get a dot that won't show an image...Beatiful painting, and I bow to your computer knowledge! :P

Tj Lev said...

Thanks Deb, much appreciated. Maybe this will help... When you are on Google maps, you should be able to Alt/print keys at the same time to copy, and then paste as a new image into any photo editing program. I have a couple of different photo programs. That should work?? I hope it helps!! Be well, Tj.