Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hey it's 9-9-09!

I was feeling a little non creative today but like I must blog! Today is 9-9-09 after all. And well as much as I wanted to wait until it was 9:09 to post something, I just couldn't wait… I just love the world of blogging! I've been thinking I wanted to paint on fabric for a while now, I love to make dolls even though I've not made one in a while. I keep getting the idea I want to try making dolls with painted on faces or clothes... then my friend Patti was here visiting and re-introduced me to quilting, although I'm not sure I have the patience to quilt right now… at least I've been having trouble just sitting down to cut fabric into little squares. But my piles of fabric are calling... and WOW!!! I just found this great blog, The Cart Before the Horse. It is by Jo James who lives on the Oregon coast, a girl after my own heart already! (for those of you who don't know, my retirement plans include moving to the Oregon coast!) (Hopefully) (We'll see what happens to the economy in the next 2 years) Ok, I digress… she and her hubby are both artists and create these wonderful little whimsical folk artsy dolls! Painted! I knew it could be done.

I went to her etsy site and she sells these patterns for what she calls a cheater quilt, a quilt you paint! What? I can do that?? Ok, my creative juices are a churning now! I ordered a pattern and can not wait to get it! The photo is the one I ordered, how cute is that?? An all holiday quilt! You should really go check them out…

My daughter Lindsey and I went to go see Julie and Julia this weekend. That was really a cute movie, and to think it all happened because of blogging! Love spending the time with Linz… love you sweetie! Really fun movie, a slice of life movie, I recommend it. I also worked on some paintings over the weekend. Well the two posted below, and also one for The Virtual Paintout challenge. Love this challenge. Every month a different city is chosen and you use Google maps to find the image of the city you want to paint. Last month was London, I did a view of the London Eye! I am fascinated by the London eye so that was an easy choice. This month it is Lisbon Portugal. It took me a while to find what I wanted to do. I virtually walked around Lisbon for quite a while until I found it... includes some poor un-expecting persons laundry! Yep, there are shorts, panties and bra hanging on a wire, right there on Google maps street view! HA! We'll see what happens!!! I'll post it when it's done.

My birthday is coming up. My hubby Joe and I will be taking a couple of days off, going to the coast to cool off. It is still quite warm here in Sac this time of year, today around 100, and smog is often a problem, but a couple of hours drive and ahhhhh…. Cool clean air! I am so looking forward to it! Be well, and go create! Tj.


AutumnLeaves said...

Oh I do love the Oregon coast, especially up by Cannon Beach! My heart is now setting up quite the longing din! I love reading your words and vicariously catching some of your spark for life!

Tj Lev said...

Oh yes! Cannon Beach... my aunt and uncle lived in Cannon Beach, they owned the Cannon Beach Bakery until I was around 20. After my uncle Willard died, Aunt Elenore sold the business. She is in her mid 90's now! But yes LOVE Cannon Beach!!!! I am glad you enjoy my blog! Be well.