Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another Day of the Dead painting

Ok this one is a little creepy... yet makes me happy at the same time! Huh?? I call it "He Gave Her His Heart". It's 16x14 acrylic on gallery wrap canvas, sides painted black.

I went to our annual Division picnic at work today, we have one every year. The weather was perfect, 2 days ago it was 100, today was 77! Nice. This year, I played some of the games that I sat out of in prior years, but I am feeling so much better, now that I'm doing water aerobics, I played!! Simon Says... Simon says raise your right hand. Raise your left hand. No, Simon didn't say raise your left hand! Simon says put your hand down. Simon says clap once... clap twice. Duh Simon didn't say clap twice! I failed. Ha ha. I also was part of this relay race. First leg of the race, I had to walk holding a spoon in my mouth and balance an onion on it. Next was rolling a lemon with a pencil. Then throwing spaghetti at another team mate who was wearing a garbage bag, they had to stick 10 noodles to them. And the last leg was one person holding a hostess cupcake that was dangling from a string hanging from a ruler, while the other person ate it. I think I got the easy part! But it was fun!! Good to spend time with co-workers having fun... not so stressed out.

I was going to go to the Y for a class tonight, this would have been my 6th day in a row, but the pool was closed. They are having some problems with something. Bla... So no exercise for me today! Oh well. I came home and finished this painting!

That is all for today. Be well and go create! Tj.


Nicole said...

I'm really enjoying your dia de los muertos paintings -- so vibrant and imaginative! Congrats on the show, and especially on getting your artwork on the front of the postcard. What size/medium is the one in this post?

Cheers from Ottawa, where it's around 50F these days, and we're into the rainy season (so it's nice to see your cheery skeletons!).

AutumnLeaves said...

TJ! How awesome that they chose one of your paintings for their postcard announcement! I am so proud of you! Your work picnic does sound like a lot of fun too. The weather was indeed, perfect. Love this latest painting for your display too. There is just something fun about it; I'm not even seeing the creepy!

Campbell Jane said...

Awwwww You've made the skeletons so sweet! Love the lime green!

JEN ZONE said...

Lovely couple!

Jennifer J.